Hi, there!

My name is Michał and i specialize in creating web applications

Here you can find more info about me and my most interesting projects


mwatrak1 @protonmail.com
Phone number:
+48 796 971 012

About me

I am a web developer with practical knowledge of various cloud solutions. I specialize in backend development but have experience creating graphical interfaces and simple mobile apps as well. Having already implemented multiple applications with different architectural patterns like MVC, microservices, and serverless my current goal is to gain experience in creating scalable production websites and broadening my skills as a developer.

My other hobbies are

  • traveling - mainly Europe, but would love to see other continents and countries like Japan, India, Australia
  • interesting books - any genre is good
  • movies - especially thrillers
  • sports - biking, running
  • cooking - diffrent kitchens around the world - Italian, Thai, Mexican, Japaneese
  • blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in general - technical and investing aspect

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